State treasurer Dean Martin on 'No-Fly' list

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PHOENIX - The state treasurer finds himself on the "No-Fly" list and he is blaming good old-fashioned politics and Arizona's former governor.


AZ Treasurer on 'No Fly' list?

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It is no secret state Treasurer Dean Martin and former Gov. Janet Napolitano have a bit of bad blood. Some of it was caught on tape in January when Martin surprised Napolitano with news crews on hand at what was supposed to be a private meeting to discuss the state budget.

Outraged, Napolitano stormed out.

Martin says that bad blood might still exist. While heading to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday he was shocked when he was pulled aside by agents from the Transportation Security Administration.

Martin told 3TV, by phone, "I don't believe this is going on. This has got to be a mistake."

His name suddenly appeared on the federal government's "No-Fly" list.

"I'm not able to do any kind of electronic boarding or get any electronic boarding passes or Web check-in," Martin said. "Anytime I fly on an airline I have to go to a counter and prove I am who I am."

When 3TV contacted Napolitano, who is now head of Homeland Security, her spokeswoman, Sara Kuban, responded by sending 3TV a statement in an e-mail. It read, "Dean Martin is a common name."

The airport incident has the local Democratic Party believing Martin is not focused on budget issues.

Luis Heredia with the Arizona Democratic Party said, "We're asking that the state treasurer focus on the problems that we have in Arizona, the budget issue."

In response to the Democrats' comments, Martin said he is focused on the problems at hand and doing what he can to make ends meet for the state.