Pouring pot fountain

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Pouring pot fountain - Debbie Hernandez shows us how to make a great-looking pouring pot fountain.

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-24" Water Heater Drip Pan

-1" PVC plug

-Plant Stand, desired height

-Narrow neck garden pot

- -Shallow garden pot

-5/8" x 1/2" clear tubing

-Medium Fountain Pump

-Spectracide pot sealer

-River rock (optional)

-Assorted plants


-Seal the inside of both garden pots

-Place Water Heater Pan where the fountain will be, plug to the rear

-Screw on cap

-Place plant stand also to the rear of the pan

-Place the narrow neck pot on it's side on the plant stand

-Place the shallow pot in front of the plant stand, inside the drip pan

-Place the pump in the drip pan towards the back by the plug

-Cut a piece of the clear tubing, long enough to reach up inside the pot

-Attach tubing to the pump

-Run tubing up through bottom hole of the tilted pot

-Add water and test pump

-Add River rock and plants

-Turn on fountain and enjoy!

***Fountain pump must be completely submerged to work to it's ultimate potential**