UPDATE:3 y.o. in officer-involved shooting with mom, dad remains critical

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RAW: Police shooting caught on tape (GRAPHIC)

UPDATE: Nov. 12

The 3-year-old victim has been released from the hospital under the care of her mother. CPS has been involved in the case and placement. The suspect, David Hulstedt, remains in critical condition at Scottsdale Osborn. The investigation is ongoing.

The child's head injury was not from the fall when police shot the suspect. Officers say they observed the child's injury before the shooting.

An officer at the scene reported that when Hulstedt emerged from the house prior to the shooting, they saw blood coming out from the girl's ear and there was also blood on the suspect's shirt.

The following is the Scottsdale Police report of the incident:

Police 911 received a call from this residence from the suspects father who reported that they "had a crisis" and needed police. Dispatchers heard a child crying in the background.

Officers arrived on the scene with little more information. The found the suspect's mother and father in front of the house.

They reported that their son was inside the house with his 3 yr old daughter and they feared that he may hurt the child. They reported that their son was behaving irrationally and had recent mental health issues. He refused to give them the baby.

They indicated that earlier in the day he had threatened to drop the child from a window.

The suspect came out of the residence with the child and officer asked to speak to him.

He ran back inside the house with the child and refused officers contact. The suspect did not answer the house phone or his cell phone, however, officers could hear the child crying inside the house. Officers established on and off phone contact by working with the suspect's parents and brother.

During negotiations, the suspect threatened to hurt the child, saying he would "pile-drive" her on the ground if his demands were not met.

After approximately 90 minutes of negotiations, the suspect agreed to come out.

He walked out the front door with the child and refused officers commands to give up the child.

He then raised the child over his head, leading officers to believe that he would carry out his threat to harm the child. Officers fired their weapons at the suspect and struck him at least 2 times in the lower torso.

The suspect let his arms down and released the child when she was about 1-2 feet from the ground.

The child did not appear to be injured from the fall. He collapsed and the child was recovered by officers.

She was taken to paramedics for immediate care. She appeared to have no physical injury, but was lethargic from an unknown cause.

She was transported via air to Phx Children's Hospital where a head injury was discovered. (Detectives later found blood inside the residence which indicated that the child was injured while her father had her inside the house.)

The suspect was given immediate medical treatment and transported via air to SHC-Osborn. He is listed in critical condition as of this writing.