Van packed with explosives, house filled with I.E.D.s

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Police may have thwarted massive attack

Phoenix - A missing girl's case re-surfaced last week when police searched her childhood home and in doing so, they may have thwarted a massive attack.

Sources tell 3TV that Mike Turney had a van filled with cans of gasoline and it appears he was ready to use it as a weapon. In fact, police might have caught him just in time.

He is the man accused of having more improvised explosive devices in his Phoenix house than police have ever seen in one place. They found 34 pipe bombs and 19 guns.

3TV also learned investigators also found information inside his house that led them to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Dean Wine from IBEW tells 3TV, "They came in and were asking all sorts of questions and that's the first thing we heard about it."

Court papers reveal Turney was planning on targeting the local union hall in an attack and 3TV learned his van Phoenix police have now seized was filled with cans of gasoline consistent with it being used as a bomb.

"To think somebody would actually want to do something like that to people who had nothing to do with whatever his circumstance was, it's just a little bizarre and a little hard to believe," admits Wine.

Investigators do not know which chapter of the IBEW he was targeting but they are right next door to each other. 3TV discovered Turney has been a member of both but both tells us it has been years.

Wine explains, "We went back to look in his file and the last time he was a member here was in May of '82 and he transferred out of here and that was the last time he was a member here."

3TV went by his house where 3TV was told his daughter lives but nobody came to the door.

Turney's neighbors, like Pete Wacker, responded to news of a possible car. He told 3TV, "I never would have seen that comingn ever would have seen that coming. Oh man, was it the van? Oh man."

Had police not happened upon the weapons while searching for evidence in the case of Turney's missing stepdaughter, Alissa who has been missing since 2001, it may have been too late.

Turney is now behind bars. Neither chapter of the union could tell 3TV why Turney would want to attack them but sources tell 3TV he may have had an ongoing legal issue against one of the chapters.