Gas at some stations around the Valley dip under $1.99 per gallon

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Gas below $1.99/gallon

PHOENIX - For the first time in more than three-years, gas prices nationwide have dropped below two-dollars a gallon.

Crude prices also dropped today, under $50 a barrel, for the first time in years.

The drop in oil is bringing some big time relief to consumers.

Valleywide we're still above the national average, with most stations selling for around $2.10, but it's pretty easy to find those selling for $1.99 or less!

It's what drivers have been waiting for.

"This was my magic number!" said Karen Newell.

A $1.99 it seemed impossible just a few months ago, when we were paying more than double the price at the pump.

A couple of stations in North Phoenix are even cheaper, selling as low as $1.87 a gallon.

All of the yellow on this map from indicates $1.99 gas. Most stations in Central Phoenix are right around that mark.

In the red areas, like most of Scottsdale, gas is still higher, around $2.20 a gallon.

High prices this summer forced Kevi Kase to sell her car and bum rides from her family.

"And now it's $1.99 for gas, haha!" she said.

Lower prices are providing some relief to costly commutes.

Behind the drop in prices is the cheaper, winter blend of fuel we're using, plus lower demand due to the global recession.

Analysts aren't sure how long these prices will last but warn when the economy picks up prices will too.

Analysts predict prices will sink to around $1.75 a gallon over the next several weeks.