Brutal attack on teacher leaves community angry, scared

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School teacher terribly beaten

PHOENIX - A Valley community is overcome with emotion: anger, fear, and worry, over a brutal attack that hit too close to home.

A school teacher has been beaten so badly that she is having a hard time even remembering her name.

The people who live in her neighborhood are hoping someone will have information on her attack.

Many are trying to find out why some one would do this to a teacher and why?

Investigators have very few clues to go on.

The attack occurred on the morning of January 20th, on a quiet street called West Turney.

Inside the home was a disturbing and heart-breaking discovery: a 56-year-old teacher was found brutally beaten.

Co-workers went to check on her after she failed to show up for work...

Neighbor Mike Spaulding was home that morning.

"The crime scene van came. They were here for four or five hours and hauled out five or six big bags of stuff," says Spaulding.

"Hopefully they were able to get something out of that," he implored.

So far, police say there were no signs of forced entry.

Complicating matters, the victim's injuries were so severe she's unable to tell investigators if she knew her attacker or not.

"It's just not fair," says Spaulding.

"A single older lady like that, a school teacher; it's just not fair. A school teacher; she's someone we look up to," says Spaulding.

Mike and other neighbors worry the person or people who attacked the teacher will strike again.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.