Twilight movie opens, midnight showings packed with fans

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Fans started lining up at 8 a.m. to see the midnight premiere of Twilight

PHOENIX - Fans of Twilight, a book series about a vampire in love, have been waiting for three years for Twilight to hit the big screen.

The author of Twilight, which is now the nation's #1 best-seller, is a Valley native.

Author Stephenie Meyer came up with the idea for Twilight in a dream.

"I just had this really great dream and wrote it down, and it turned into a novel," says Meyer.

She says she never planned on becoming a writer, and didn't expect the book to sell.

17 million books later, Twilight is a major motion picture, opening at midnight on Thursday.

It's a story of forbidden love between girl and vampire.

Edward Cullen, son of an established vampire family, is actually a good vampire and as the novel's heroine, Bella begins to enter Edward's world, Edward has to protect his new love from the human-hunting vampires.

Meyer says that the book is much more than a vampire romance, and she hopes that her readers see that.

"Vampire romance. I hate saying that, it sounds so goofy," says Meyer.

"But that is it in a nutshell," she finished with a laugh.

Meyer has a piece of advice for writers.

"I tell people not to think about publishing when they're writing," says Meyer.

"Write for yourself. Write something that makes you happy and entertains yourself and then look into it."

The movie and book series are both full of drama for teens to sink their teeth into.