Drugs wrapped in X-mas paper found during large pot bust

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960 lbs. of marijuana busted

The following news release was sent by U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

NACO - Border Patrol Agents from the Naco Station successfully interdicted a pickup with a false bed loaded with 920 pounds of marijuana.

Yesterday evening, agents working roving patrols along Highway 92 near the Coronado National Memorial in Palominas, Ariz. successfully interdicted a pickup truck after camera operators observed the vehicle traveling north from the International Boundary Fence at a high rate of speed.

The pickup truck entered illegally through an access gate on the International Boundary Fence that was under construction. Agents who had been notified of the incursion by camera operators attempted to stop the pickup truck near Highway 92; but the driver sped away. Agents discovered the pickup abandoned several miles northeast of where it was first seen. After a brief search of the area, agents were able to arrest the passenger of the vehicle who was hiding nearby.

A search of the pickup revealed a false compartment in the bed that had 52 bundles of marijuana concealed within it. In total, 920 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $736,000 and the pickup truck were seized along with the arrest of the passenger.

Smugglers go to great lengths to plan for scouts, drivers and controlled amounts of drugs in vehicles. This demonstrates that Border Patrol enforcement activities are creating increased frustration among cartels, which motivates them to try new and inventive approaches. This case is an excellent example of how integrative, organized operations along the border work collectively to ensure that criminals are unsuccessful regardless of their persistence or ingenuity.

The drugs and the arrested individual were transferred to the Drug Enforcement Administration for processing. The Drug Enforcement Administration is referring the investigation of the case to the United States Attorney's Office for possible criminal prosecution. Under Federal law, an individual is presumed innocent until competent evidence is presented to a jury that establishes guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.