Valley man accused of hiring hit man to kill wife over divorce

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Allegedly wanted to have wife's family killed too

PHOENIX -- Dimitri Rozenman, 38, is behind bars accused of hiring a hit man to murder his wife, her sister and her parents.

All over the terms in his recent divorce. Specifically - the financial terms.

Court documents reveal the couple owned properties and cigar businesses in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa worth nearly $2 million.

In their divorce settlement, the judge ordered Rozenman to pay his wife $476,000.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department said, "He was upset because of that and that's why he contracted to have his wife and her family killed."

A judge awarded the couple joint custody of their 3-year-old twins, and called Rozenman a "capable father" and "rational."

But during the course of the divorce, Rozenman sent his wife "nasty e-mails."

The judge criticized his "serious lack of self control" and ordered him into anger management for his "juvenile behavior."

Rozenman has no history of domestic violence and no record in Arizona.