Suspect in violent home invasion id'd as victim recalls ordeal

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Fingerprints lead police to suspect

SCOTTSDALE - A man was badly beaten after some crooks broke into his Scottsdale home and now police think they know who did it, but hey need your help to find him.

Less than one month ago police say three men broke into a north Scottsdale house, burglarized it and beat up the couple sleeping inside.

Keith explains, "We woke up at 4 in the morning, one had my fiancegirlfriend down choking her, hit her and there were two on me."

Keith and his fianc are lucky to be alive. They were beaten, bound and locked up with pillow cases tied over their head.

"This is the pillow case I had on my head twice as much blood on the floor," Keith explains.

Now police say they have identified one of the three suspects.

Scottsdale Police spokesperson Dave Pubins says, "Our investigation along with crime scene specialists went through the home and were able to find a finger print on a piece of property belonging to the suspect."

Police say the fingerprints match those of 36-year-old Daniel Gonzalez-Garcia, who was last seen driving a 1995 blue Jeep with Wisconsin plates.

The other two suspects are described as a white male in his 20s with a thin build and the other is described as a heavyset Indian male standing between 5'6 to 5'8.

Police believe if they can find the first suspect, he will lead them to the two others. Those arrests would make the family feel a whole lot safer.

Keith admits, "If nothing happensgoing to do it again."

Police need your help. If you have any information regarding this case you are urged to call (480) WITNESS or Scottsdale Police.