Fire forces four Valley families from their homes on Christmas

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Firefighters save gifts

PHOENIX - A Christmas nightmare for four valley families forced from their homes by fire on the holiday.

The ford family, despite it all, left their home this morning with a smile on their face focused on the fact they are safe and not all was lost.

"I was already cooking in the kitchen and thought something burning in there,"

The Ford family's Christmas tradition was tragically interrupted by flames before gifts could even be unwrapped.

"There was so much smoke and heat I turned around and chased everyone out," said homeowner Steve Ford.

Living in the home for more than 25 years, this is where Lavada and Steve Ford raised their children and now raise their 5 grandchildren.

"Everyone has been very helpful there's been a lot of Santa Claus' this year," Lavada said.

Many of them dressed as firefighters not only saving lives but property and presents too.

Firefighters were working hard this Christmas, responding not only to this Phoenix house fire, but three others over night.

Another fire broke out in Mesa.

"We think it was a candle on the front porch left unattended for some time," Bill Hayes said.

Crews battled another house fire out in Glendale.

Heavy fire poured from the rear of the house where two rooms were on fire, leaving a family of four homeless and their mom sick from smoke inhalation.

Another family faces the same fate in El Mirage where five people, three of them under the age of 15 live.

All of these families are hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Steve Ford said his family was saved by a working smoke detector.

"Everyone is absolutely fine because we go out before it even flamed up," he said.

And so with everyone safe and sound Christmas can go on for the Ford family.

Firefighters continue to investigate the exact cause of all these fires.

The Red Cross is assisting those families in need tonight and each one of them just thankful to be safe and sound.