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If you have been working out for years with the same routine, it could be time to step it up with some outside help and the benefits might surprise you.

Exercising is one way to keep the pounds away but doing the same old workout routine can be kind of boring. Tammy Kaatz, from Phoenix Adventure Camp, tells 3TV, "I think people get stagnate in the same old workout routine so it's part of my job to bring in something fun and interesting. Katz thought her group needed to change things up so she brought in a secret weapon.

Maria Spelleri, who attends boot camp, admits, "We were all trying to guess what it was and we would have never imagined the ropes."

Katz' secret weapon were 18-pound rope rattlers. Spelleri adds, " It didn't look like it was going to be that different but trying to manipulate an 18-pound rope at the same timeand holding your core tight tight. I don't think anyone could do it for more than five seconds for the first time."

Katz says incorporating this rope exercise into a workout can not only help improve your core, abs, back and behind and legs but it also makes things a lot more fun. She says, "The nice thing about this is if someone is limited in their impact. Say they had a bad knee or ankle, it's a safe way to get a good quick heart rate up without impact on the joints."

Another product to spice up your workout is a vibrating dumbbell made by Tremo-Tec.

It has been used in Europe for years and is now making its way to the United States. The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy in Scottsdale will be the first group to try it out.

Dr. Lutz Graumann explains, "It's a dumbbell that creates and generates vibration."

Dr. Graumann, with Tremo-Tec, says the dumbbell can vibrate anywhere from five to 55 vibrations a second. "The higher we go, the better the stimulus is and the more muscle contraction."

The dumbbell comes with three different attachments, a lightweight, heavyweight and one for massage. The doctor says it can be used for weight training or to help treat people with upper body injuries.

Dr. Graumann says, "We're able to increase metabolism, we increase your lymphatic flow that limits your recovery time. We're increasing your efficiency of your workout so we can create muscle strength with such a device."

Physical therapist Robb Blackaby says he cannot wait to use this technology on his patients. He tells 3TV, "I think this is a nice adjunct to other manual therapy techniques and exercise body mechanics training."

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