Former Power Ranger on trial for killing Prescott couple

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Trial against former child star begins

PRESCOTT - The murder of an Arizona couple is getting worldwide attention.

The accused killer once starred as a Power Ranger on television. His trial started in California Tuesday with his lawyer admitting to the killings.

A jail cell is far removed from the Hollywood glitz and glamour that Skylar Deleon had once been a part of. The former child actor had once played a small but coveted role on the popular children's hit The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now Deleon is accused of morphing into a murderer.

Prosecutors allege the 26-year-old is the mastermind in the murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks, a retired couple from Prescott who vanished in November of 2004.The Hawks' were living full-time on their $400,000 yacht, "The Well Deserved."

In late 2004 the Hawks decided to sell their prized possession so they could buy a home and be closer to their grandchild. Investigators say that is when the then 26-year-old Skylar Deleon answered their ad placed in a boating magazine.

The following is what prosecutors say happened: Deleon boarded the Hawks' boat under the guise of taking it for a test drive. He had with him some accomplices and his now ex-wife and her baby. They were there to put the Hawks' at ease.

Once out to sea, the Hawks' were reportedly blindfolded. Their mouths were also covered with duct tape and they were forced to sign over ownership of the yacht and their assets.

According to court documents, the Hawks' were later tied to the anchor of their own boat and thrown overboard while still alive.

A few days later Deleon was spotted in Arizona, allegedly draining the Hawks' bank accounts.

In the opening statements, the lawyer for Deleon said his job now was to make sure his client does not get the death penalty.