State asks that St. Johns boy be returned to custody

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FLAGSTAFF -- Prosecutors have asked a judge to return a 9-year-old eastern Arizona boy awaiting sentencing in the death of his father's friend to juvenile detention.

People react to plea deal

People reacting to St. Johns plea deal - People around the Valley reacting to 9-year old St. Johns boy's plea deal.

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Apache County Attorney Michael Whiting says the boy violated numerous conditions of his furlough, including leaving the state without permission and missing court-ordered schooling sessions.

He says no conditions imposed on the boy can guarantee his safety or that of the community and that he should be returned to custody.

A hearing scheduled for Tuesday has been reset for June 16.

The boy pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in the death of Timothy Romans. Prosecutors dropped a charge of premeditated murder stemming from the death of the boy's father as part of a plea deal.

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