Cards score overtime victory in sold out game vs. Cowboys

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Cardinals beat Dallas in overtime

PHOENIX - Despite economic worries across the globe, Americans are not letting the financial meltdown keep them from having some fun.

While all of us are hoping for an economic game-changer, a figurative interception to turn this financial situation around, football, although expensive, is still a priority for a lot of the fans 3TV talked to Sunday.

Football tickets, tailgating, the gas to get to the arena, all of it can take a toll on your wallet.

People 3TV talked to Sunday did say they are making a few cutbacks because of the economic crisis. One example is hot dogs on the grill instead of steak.

However, quite a few of the people 3TV spoke with take Sundays as a day to put the stress of the economic turmoil to the side and watch your team light up the scoreboard, rather than watch the numbers on Wall Street plummet.

With gas prices the way they are, car-pooling for the game was almost a necessity but it was money well spent for Cardinals fans.

The Cardinals created a major upset in their sold out-game 30-24 win against the Dallas Cowboys in overtime.