UPDATE: Students who threatened school appear in court

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Students appear in court

Police investigating threat at Tempe high school - Classes are canceled at Corona del Sol High School because of a threat.

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TEMPE -- Two students were arrested in connection to a threat to Corona del Sol High School, which led to the cancellation of classes on March 20.

According to the Tempe Police Department, a note was received at the administration office March 19, alluding to the fact that there would be a bomb at the school March 20 and then a phone call was received saying the same thing.

The note said "large parts of the school will be destroyed" and "don't bother looking for the bomb."

Information received from students led to the identification of Laurin Godson, 18, of Tempe, and Lauren Tamburrelli, 18, of Chandler.

Tempe police say Godson knew she wouldn't be able to participate in "senior ditch day" because she could not get another unexcused absence. She and Tamburrelli made the threat so Godson could get an extra day off from school.

The two students have been suspended from school. Steve Adolph, the superintendent of the Tempe Union High School District, said he expected to recommend to the governing board that they be expelled.

The school will be making up the day on May 21, which is graduation day.

Police are still investigating as there may be more students involved.


TEMPE - Classes are canceled at Corona del Sol High School today because of a threat.

According to school administrators, a student found a note in a hallway near the end of school day Thursday. That note laid out some sort of threat against the school so police were called.

Police felt that the threat was significant enough to take action so administrators canceled Friday's classes.

Investigators would not give 3TV any details about the note's contents, but did say that it had some specifics, mentioning extensive damage to the school. While they have not released what the note does say, police have told the media what it does not say. According to investigators, the threat did not involve a plan for a school shooting.

Corona del Sol has had to deal with threats like this in the past. Administrators said they have to take every threat seriously.

Investigators are questioning students to see if they can find the source of this note. They are also scouring the Internet for clues.

School administrators said the culprit or culprits could face expulsion.

Some 3,000 students and faculty will have to make up the lost school day some time at the end of the school year.

Classes are scheduled to resume Monday.