Little girl makes YouTube appeal to Arpaio after parents arrested in immigration raid

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PHOENIX - A little girl is reaching out for help on the Internet after her parents were arrested during a Maricopoa County Sheriff's Office immigration raid this weekend.

YouTube video stirs immigration issue - YouTube video of little girl pleading for her parents release from jail stirs immigration issue.

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Sheriff's deputies took 25 suspected illegal immigrants in to custody at family car wash in Phoenix on Saturday.

One girl has posted an emotional plea for help on You Tube asking the President himself to intervene.

"I would tell him to help us," the little girl said. "I want to get my parents back, that he has two daughters, that maybe one of them is my age.And I want to tell him that I want him to help me, and my parents, and my family, because I want my parents back."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said while he's accused of breaking up families, the bottom line is the people his deputies arrested broke the law.