Grain elevator explosion injures 3 workers

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3 men seriously burned

MARICOPA - A huge explosion in the Town of Maricopa sent three people to the hospital.

According to paramedics it is a miracle the men are alive. It happened early Monday morning at the Arizona Grain Company.

Welders at the top of the grain elevator may have triggered the initial blast, which led to a series of blasts throughout the facility.

Brad Pitassi with Maricopa Fire, admits, "This is serious stuff. This is very serious stuff. The grain can produce a lot of heat very quick to become explosive.

That lifted not only the weight of the scale and lifted the 80,000-pound truck and sheared these pens that just gives you the idea of the force behind this explosion."

Federal teams are investigating but they think the explosion was accidental.

The workers are at a Valley burn unit with first and second-degree burns.