Boldin's agent says contract proposal made to the team

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PHOENIX (AP) -- Anquan Boldin's agent reportedly has made a contract proposal to the Arizona Cardinals.

Drew Rosenhaus told "The Arizona Republic" yesterday that contrary to speculation, Boldin isn't seeking a deal worth $10 million a year, which is what teammate Larry Fitzgerald is receiving.

He says the recent offer is for less but declines to discuss his proposal to the team.

However, an NFL source familiar with the proposal told the newspaper that the deal averaged just under $10 million per season.

Rosenhaus says he has discussed the proposal with Cardinals general manager Rod Graves but the team hasn't responded with a counter offer.

Rosenhaus acknowledged that circumstances dictate that Boldin will make less than Fitzgerald.

The Cardinals were forced to renegotiate Fitzgerald contract a year ago because incentive clauses would have pushed his salaries to $14.6 million in 2009 and more than $17 million in 2009.

With two years remaining on his contract, Boldin doesn't have that kind of leverage.

The Cardinals repeatedly have said they want to re-sign Boldin when the window of opportunity presents itself.

But the team has made extending the contracts of linebacker Karlos Dansby and Adrian Wilson higher priorities because the two are due to be free agents after the season.