Solved cold case reveals alleged killer was victim's neighbor

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Victim's family shocked at arrest

GLENDALE - There was a shocking twist to a Valley cold case.

A Glendale man was killed seven years ago and now police say his family has been living next door to the killer ever since. The suspect is behind bars and the family is in shock.

Police say that after seven years witnesses finally came forward to turn that neighbor in although why he allegedly did it, is still a mystery.

3TV is told the elderly victim had always been the neighborhood watchdog and many believe that may have made his alleged killer angry.

Rita Flores, the victim's widow, explains, "He went to do his walking and he never came back."

Vicente Flores' memorial still sits on the corner of 61st Avenue and Gardenia and his wife still clings to his picture. She admits, " I got it in my room right."

It's a room 77-year-old Flores had shared with her husband for more than 30 years. "I've even got the wedding shoes on." She was 16 years old when she married him and showed 3TV a picture of their 50th anniversary party. Flores admits, "Yeah, we grew up together and it's so hard, you know so hard."

It is hard because back in August of 2002 someone brutally murdered Vicente during his morning walk. His widow admits, "Yes, it was very brutal and it was a horrific sight for even the people who called it in to see. He didn't even open the casket so we could see him, you know, the last time."

Since Flores never saw her husband again, she has always hoped he would come back. She even kept his clothes. "A long time, long time to decide to give them away, you know but it was hard for me because he was the one to do everything, you know, everything," Flores admits.

When police arrested 37-year-old Tony Guillen, it was even harder. Flores says, I was shocked, you know." She was shocked because Guillen lives next door and has lived there for more than 30 years. Vicente even watched him grow up.

Still Flores reveals, "I'm not mad, I'm not mad." She says she is just sad he never came home. Police are not releasing a motive. Family members tell 3TV they truly believe he may have simply reported too many neighborhood crimes.