Making sure the store of your holiday gift cards isn't going under

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PHOENIX - There's an email circulating concerning retail stores that are closing. Chances are you may have received the email and if you did don't believe everything it said.

The email gives a list of retail stores that are closed or going to be closed very soon because of the economy and as a result, it goes on to warn you about buying gift cards.

3 On Your Side has found out the email has a mixture of accurate, inaccurate and outdated information.

The holidays are here and that means shopping and for many folks it means giving a gift card from a number of well-known retailers.

Let's face it, gift cards are convenient, but according to this widely circulated email titled "Holiday Alert" you should be very careful because the store where you're supposed to use your gift card just might not be around very long.

Bill Huff lives here in the Valley and knows about that email.

"I am very concerned," he said. "I just got an email the other day listing about 25 stores that are closing, so I will not be buying gift cards."

But is the email true, 3 On Your Side turned to the popular website

It is spelled "snopes" but it is pronounced snoops and it's known for validating or debunking email rumors.

According to the email contains a mixture of accurate, inaccurate and outdated information.

For instance, the email said Home Depot is closing 15 stores across the nation and to use caution when buying a gift card.

But according to that's outdated information because those 15 stores were closed earlier this year.

A Valley spokesman for the Home Depot and said there are no plans to close more.

So remember that holiday alert you receive contains some truths and some half truths.

Just be careful not to believe everything that is in it.

As for gift cards, well, some shoppers are going the safe route by giving cash instead.

If you want an accurate list of national chains that will be closing or are thinking of closing after the holidays, just .