Warning: Snakes and scorpions out in full force

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Look around and be aware of surroundings

PHOENIX - Snakes and scorpions are spreading their venom sooner than ever.

Experts are already recommending you look around when you are outside or even inside because snakes and scorpions are out in full force.

Typically they come out when we hit 80 degrees and this year we hit it about 30 days earlier than normal. They are striking sooner this year because warmer temperatures are striking earlier and the Phoenix Herpetological Society is busier than ever.

Daniel Marchan, with the Herpetological Society, admits, "We've been getting calls and we've been getting lots of calls every day." Longtime Valley resident Corey Davis has never seen so many rattlesnakes so soon. He explains, "Between about five neighbors we've seen about 10 rattle snakes in the last two weeks so they are definitely out."

The Herpetological Society says it is freaking out our population. Marchan says, "They open up their garage and they leave it open all day because the weather is good, and they're cleaning it out and the next thing you know they got a snake in their garage and they are panicked."

Jason Lemarbe, who has been bitten by a snake, says, "It was just scary, it was on my neighbor's doormat and I was bringing my groceries home and it just attacked me. I heard the rattle and it came right for me."

Thankfully, it did not go through his shorts but when it comes to where the snakes are going, Marchan says, "Everywhere that there's desert there's snakes. I don't care where you live in the State of Arizona, there are snakes."

The Herpetological Society removes them for $75. Marchan explains, "Eight out of 10 people that remove rattlesnakes without experience get bit. Rattlesnake bites right now start at $60,000 for medical costs. They say it can easily top 100,000 with no problem."

Banner Poison Control Center says they have received calls for six people with rattlesnake bites since last month and a whopping 314 with scorpion stings. One stung Davis two weeks ago. She explains, "With flip flops on I just must have stepped on the scorpion's body and it flipped its tail up and hit the back of my heel and instantly I mean just the burning excruciating pain of it felt like fire, just felt like I was standing on fire."

So now she is watching where she stands and experts recommend you listen when you walk. Experts tell 3TV the snakes and scorpions are all over the popular hiking trails like Camelback.

Their best advice is to stay on the trail, that way you have a better chance of seeing them.