Woman wants her $600 deposit back from apt. complex

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman says a Valley apartment complex owes her $600 so she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

The $600 is a deposit she handed over in hopes of moving in.

She says she even signed a lease, but at the last minute the Phoenix woman says the apartment complex didn't want her and told her to find somewhere else to live.

But the apartment complex was not very eager to return her deposit.

Yvette Daniel was excited when she finally found the perfect place to move into in September.

"It was great," she said. "It appeared nice and plus the best part about it was that my daughter could walk down to school."

It was at the Boulevard Apartments in Phoenix that she wanted to call home.

"What I liked most about it was that it had a burning fireplace and French doors," she said.

So when the apartments asked for a $600 deposit and for Daniel to sign a lease, she had no concerns and did both.

"I got two money orders," she said. "I got the first money order to hold it, which was $100, and the other one was for $500 and the other was for $4," Daniel said.

After Daniel gave all that money, signed a lease and had utilities transferred over, she got disturbing news.

"So the day I got ready to move in, she says, 'No, I don't think you can afford this," Daniel said.

Daniel was devastated, saying not only could she afford the monthly rent, but being told no basically at the last minute, she says, was unacceptable.

"Who are you to tell me what I can afford?" Daniel asked.

Well, someone at Boulevard Apartments made that decision and although Daniel was angry, she became even more upset when she spent the next two months trying to get her $600 deposit returned from the apartment complex.

"I did ask them for my money back and they told me of course we'll give it back to you," Daniel said. "It will be like within two weeks."

Daniel says the excuses went on and on and she was becoming frustrated. After all, she says she didn't break the lease. Boulevard Apartments broke it and she wanted her money.

"I'm from Detroit, I will find you!" Daniel said. "You owe me money, you better believe I'm gonna find you."

Instead she found 3 On Your Side to get her money. We contacted Greystar, which is the property management company for Boulevard Apartments. They tell us they had the right to cancel Daniel's lease.

But after our involvement, they decided to return Daniel's money.

But oddly enough, they kept $100, saying it was a processing charge.

Daniel says she's happy to at least get $500 back and says she wouldn't have received that much if she was on her own.

The property management company told us late this afternoon that they actually mailed Daniel's check out twice, but it was returned because they claim she provided them with the wrong mailing address.

So, it's not like they didn't try.

They also say Daniel's application was denied because of discrepancies in the paperwork.

Regardless, Daniel has $500 of her $600 back.