CPS takes boy who survived near drowning from parents

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CPS has custody of near-drowning victim

PHOENIX - A valley couple comes close to losing their son, after he nearly drowned in a pool and now they have lost him to Child Protective Services.

A picture of Isaiah Gent taken while at Phoenix Children's Hospital is taped on the family refrigerator.

His father clings to the family phone, hoping for good news. Last Friday Isaiah came home, but three days later CPS took him away.

A social worker took the near-drowning victim from his first day of pre-school.

CPS cannot comment on the specific case but gave the family a report. It states that there is pain management prescription use by both parents that may lead to neglect and contributed to the incident on September 9.

Both Brian and Lawana are on disability and take prescribed morphine. Brian says he will stop to get his son home but CPS did not give him that chance.

The Phoenix Pain Management Center gave them another letter dated October 3.It says both Lawana and Brian are patients being treated for chronic pain and, it adds, they have both been compliant patients. The family is in constant contact with CPS and neighbors are in contact with the family.

Now the Gents want Isaiah home. CPS says its ultimate goal is to put children back into their homes but they have to make sure the environment is safe before doing so.

There is still no word on if or when Isaiah will be able to return home.