Transient ties up man, sexually assaults woman in Mesa home

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UPDATE -- Tuesday, June 30:

MESA -- A grand jury indicted Larry Cannon for the June 20 attack on a Mesa couple.

Cannon was charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of kidnapping.

Transient ties up man, sexually assaults woman in Mesa home -- June 24

MESA --A transient was indafter he reportedly tied up a man and raped a woman at a Mesa home on Saturday afternoon.

According to Mesa police records, a man at a home near Main Street and Dobson Road called 911 and said he had been tied up at knifepoint and that the suspect was sexually assaulting his girlfriend in another room.

The victim told police he was playing a game on his computer when Larry Cannon, an acquaintance of the couple, came behind him and placed his hand over his mouth and a kitchen knife to his throat.

Cannon then reportedly used a cord from a vacuum cleaner to tie the man to a chair.

The victim said Cannon, a registered sex offender, told him not to say anything or he would kill him.

The man told police that Cannon went into the bedroom across the hall where his girlfriend was asleep.

The woman told police that Cannon raped her and threatened to kill her and her boyfriend. The woman said Cannon was holding a large knife in an aggressive manner and pointing it toward her.

During the attack, the male victim was able to get his arm loose and call police.

Officers kicked down the door and found Cannon attempting to hide under a bed and took him into custody.

The couple reportedly had felt sorry for Cannon and had given him a place to stay.