Valley man charged for college classes he never took

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A Valley man is being charged $10,000 for college classes he never took.

He wanted to take them, but he never did.

Joshua Dodge applied to Arizona State University last year and even applied for a dorm room. But things changed and Dodge never attended ASU.

So, why is the university sending a debt collector after him?

"I was always very structured," he said. "School was always very important. Schoolwork before anything else."

And because of that discipline, Dodge says last year while still a high school senior he started preparing for what he would do when he graduated.

"My initial thought process was that I was going to go out of high school to ASU," Dodge said.

So Dodge applied to ASU and also applied for a dorm room, but by the time summer came and went, his plans changed.

"I decided I wanted to go into something more technical like ITT Tech," he said.

As a result, Dodge says he didn't pursue ASU any further.

"I didn't send in any other paperwork, I didn't go to an orientation, I never went to dorm check-in," Dodge said.

And Dodge says he never sent in the deposits that were required to secure his dorm room and classes. After all, why would he? He wasn't going to attend ASU, right?

"I just thought that if I didn't pay the deposit, they would be like OK, no deposit, no classes, no dorm room," Dodge said.

Well, that's what Dodge thought until he started getting calls from a debt collector, telling him that he owes a lot of money to ASU.

"I owe $10,000 for classes and the dorm room," he said.

Ten thousand dollars for classes Dodge says he never took and a dorm room he says he's never stepped foot in.

But Dodge says what's more concerning is that he's never received one bill from ASU. The first time he heard he owed this money was from the collection agency.

"I don't have any bills," Dodge said. "They never sent any bills."

Dodge says when he did try calling ASU, they just kept transferring him and he never got any answers. That's when he contacted 3 On Your Side.

"It's just a big, huge burden on my back," he said. "I think of it every day."

3 On Your Side contacted ASU, which immediately looked into the issue. As a result, ASU tells us they've agreed to drop all charges and he says he feels like that huge burden has been lifted.

"I was scared because I know credit is a big thing," Dodge said.

There was a lack in communication because ASU tells 3 On Your Side that Dodge never withdrew properly so that's why they were pursuing him.

All Dodge needs to do is go in and sign the proper paperwork but once he does, ASU tells 3 On Your Side the charges will be dropped.