Teens' arrests after carjack leads to car theft ring bust

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Ring busted after arrest of alleged teen car thieves

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Five suspects have been named in a car theft ring busted on Monday evening, including three minors.

The suspects are 19-year-old Isidro Santibanez, Jr., 20-year-old Jose R. Luzania and three teens ages 15, 16 and 17.

A search warrant has been served at an apartment at the complex where the suspects were apprehended. All five suspects were booked on charges of either theft of a means of transportation and/or armed robbery. One suspect was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer for throwing a car stereo at a detective during the arrest.


PHOENIX - Police chased down and nabbed a couple of thieves they say are wanted for carjacking in the Valley.

It all unfolded in an apartment complex parking lot on 51st Avenue and Thomas Road. Everything happened on Monday evening when a couple of suspects stole a blue Suzuki motorcycle at gunpoint. It was equipped with a tracking device so Phoenix police officers were able to track it to the apartment complex.

Police surrounded the complex and closed in on the suspects. 3TV saw the two suspects being arrested but are unable to show their faces on camera because they are minors. A third suspect is said to be only 15 years old. The three reportedly ran from police, jumping walls and through the neighborhood.

One of the suspects was hit with a taser but kept running. Two others hid until a police K9 unit tracked them down.

3TV has learned this case has grown from the single motorcycle case. Investigators found at least four other recently-stolen vehicles in the apartment complex including 4X4 trucks and a van that have now been recovered.

DPS is now calling this a car ring bust in west Phoenix