Cartel violence spilling over into border states like AZ

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Increasing border violence

PHOENIX - President Barack Obama tackled the growing border violence during his address, which is a big problem Arizonans face.

It is a threat that is taxing Arizona's resources and while the president is promising federal help, the question is if it is enough?

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard says, "The violence in Mexico today will be the violence in Arizona tomorrow unless we are able to contain it."

Border violence and drug cartels are at war, leaving 6,500 hundred dead in Mexico in 2008 alone and now some of that violence is spilling over into border states like Texas and Arizona.

Someone asked the President, "Do you believe it could require sending national troops to the border." To which Obama replied, "If the steps we have taken don't get it done then we will do more."< /p>

An increased National Guard presence on the border is what both Texas and Arizona governors are asking for and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon requested while testifying Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

Goddard says, "You have to ask yourself what would the National Guard do? They don't arrest people, that's prohibited by the Constitution. This is a law enforcement problem. This is something that requires intelligence, requires boots on the ground in terms of investigators and a tremendous amount of technology."

The White House agrees so instead of sending troops it is doubling the number of Border Patrol, Federal Task Forces and resources and committing $700 million to bolster Mexican law enforcement and crime prevention while dedicating another $59 million for local, state and tribal law enforcement along the border.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano says, "To break up these huge cartels that are funneling tonnage quantities of illegal drugs into our country on a regular basis."

The federal government is zeroing in on the funneling of cash trying to curtail the cartels. Dep. Attorney General David Ogden explains, "If you take their money and lock up their leaders you can loosen their grip on the vast organizations used to carry out their criminal activities."

Governor Jan Brewer acknowledges the plan is a good first step but she still wants more National Guard troops. In the meantime the President will be visiting Mexico next month.