Faux-leather look roller shade

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The leather look on a roller shade is a wonderful way to warm up any room. For room darkening and heat protection, turn an inexpensive roller shade into a beautiful decorative window treatment.

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-Vinyl Roller Shade (cut to size at The Home Depot)

-Roller Shade brackets

-Ralph Lauren Leather Aging and Technique Glaze, premixed at The Home Depot

-Sea sponge, plastic shopping bags or RL stippling brush

-Latex gloves

-Paint tray

-Solid base coat color and primer (optional)

-Plastic drop cloth

-Shade pull protector

-Fringe or decorative trim (optional)

-Decorative valance (optional)


-Select Leather Aging and Technique Glaze color from the Ralph Lauren Brochure

-Coordinate base color (optional) and glaze color for the Leather technique

(These colors should coordinate with the room the shade will be in)

-Leather Technique glaze can be applied directly to the shade, if the shade color works for the base coat.

(If not, apply a thin coat of primer and a thin base coat of paint to shade first)

-Pour premixed glaze into a paint tray

-Wet the sea sponge and wrap it in a paper towel to remove any excess water

-While wearing gloves, dip the sea sponge into the glaze

-Begin at the lower left corner of the shade, applying the glaze first in a circular motion on the diagonal

-Working in a 2x2 or 3x3 foot blobby section, begin dabbing the sea sponge over glaze (Do not work in square sections, blending the lines will be very difficult )

-Work on the diagonal and go back to fill in, if there are any section lines, diagonal lines appear as vanes, instead of section lines.

-Continue to blend the sections, applying in a circular motion first, then dabbing.

-Work up the shade until complete, adding more glaze, if necessary, in certain areas (Glaze applied on the shade is very thin and will not peel chip or crack like solid paint)

-Let dry thoroughly

-Sew or hot glue fringe or any decorative trim at the base of the shade (optional)

-Add shade pull protector at the bottom

-Install shade brackets in window casing and hang the shade

-Add a decorative valance to cover the roller shade headrail (optional)