Deadbeat parents rounded up in 'Operation Tough Love'

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Round-up conducted on Valentine's Day

PHOENIX - Another deadbeat parent round-up was conducted on Valentine's Day by Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies.

"Operation Tough Love" targeted parents with arrest warrants on Saturday for refusing to pay child support.

The sheriff's office said the top offenders owe more than $1 million.

Helen Montgomery, who is owed child support, says, "Nothing would be done if I wasn't coming down here and finding information and trying to get him arrested 'cause I think it's the tent that's gonna make him pay, not 'cause his son's sick but because he doesn't want to be in jail and that's sad."

Seventy-two people were arrested on Saturday but only 18 of them were taken into custody for outstanding child support warrants.

The sheriff's office said some offenders have moved out-of-state to avoid prosecution.

The others were arrested on drug and other charges.