Swastika graffiti painted on future site of Jewish center

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Hate-filled graffitti found on construction site

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CHANDLER - As drivers passed McClintock and Ray Tuesday morning the phone at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life was ringing off the hook.

Mindy Lipskier, with the center, explains, "People driving by and seeing this, going to work in the morning, it really disturbed them and they felt they had to do something, at least call us."

A swastika is what they were calling about. Someone had graffitied the sign for the site of the future Chabad center with a giant swastika and a word cursing Jewish people and the letters " WWWP," which stand for World Wide White Pride.

Nitasha Perez was one of the people passing by. She admits, "I thought it was really immature, I couldn't believe that something like that would be up in this day and age."

"It's hurtful, it's hurtful, for someone to spray paint the swastika, if it's done with the knowledge behind what the swastika actually represents and what it stands for, it is very hurtful.'

Nevertheless, Lipskier says she suspects kids are to blame. "It's probably ignorance and that was disappointing that we live in an age today that people are not necessarily educating their children with facts of history and what the swastika actually means."

Children at the preschool next door likely saw the swastika before the City of Chandler got a chance to clean it up.

Lipskier just hopes it was an opportunity for the kids to learn. The Chandler

Police Department is investigating. If they find the suspects, it could be considered a hate crime.