Suspect posing as Chandler city worker burglarizes home

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The following news release was sent by the Chandler Police Dept.:

CHANDLER - On July 29, 2008 at approximately 9:30 A.M., an unknown male subject gained entry into a home in the 500 block of North Beverly Street by impersonating a City of Chandler Water department employee.

At 9:30 AM the suspect knocked on the door and advised the victim he was with the City of Chandler Water department and claimed the city was having problems with the water lines in the area.The suspect was dressed in a white button up shirt with a City of Chandler patch on the right chest, an orange undershirt, orange construction helmet, and white or grey pants.

The suspect asked the victim to turn on all of his faucets, flush his toilets and to watch for an orange colored dye to come out which allegedly had been put into the water in order to test the water lines.The suspect followed the victim around his house as he turned on each faucet and flushed his toilets.The suspect then went with the victim to the backyard where the suspect had the victim turn on his backyard hose to wait for the orange dye.

After waiting for approximately 40-50 minutes, the suspect told the victim he needed to leave but would return shortly.The victim waited for approximately 10 minutes, watching for the dye, then reentered his home.Once inside, the victim noticed items had been disturbed and several items were missing.

Chandler Police confirmed with the water department they were not at this location.Water department field employees wear a dark blue or black shirt with the City of Chandler logo embroidered over the left chest pocket.Also, city employees will always have a City of Chandler identification badge and will be driving a City of Chandler vehicle clearly marked with a City of Chandler logo.The Chandler Police Department is encouraging anyone with information about this case to call 480-782-4130.