Man accused of murder sentenced on fraud charges

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UPDATE on 9/15: William Miller was senteced to two years in prison for fradulent insurance claims. He will serve the time wheile awaiting his murder trial.

Miller had wanted to be senteced on the lesser charge so he could be placed in a jail with more freedoms and the judge sentenced him on lesser charges.

SCOTTSDALE -- A Valley man who's already behind bars will be sentenced on more fraud charges Monday.

Suspected in 5 murders

William Miller, 31, pleaded guilty Friday to filing a false insurance claim in an arson the prosecution says is linked to multiple murders Miller is accused of committing in 2006.

Miller will be sentenced to up to two and a half years. That's in addition to the more than three years he's already serving on other fraud charges.

Police believe Miller is responsible for the murders of five people, two of whom were former employees who were set to testify against him in the arson case.

Miller had initially said he wanted to plead guilty to the murder charges, but later changed his mind.

He will stay behind bars in the county jail until his murder trial begins.