Men laid to rest after brutal murder in tiny Mexico town

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MEXICO - An extraordinary gathering in the little Mexican town of Colonia LeBaron took place Thursday.


RAW: Two men brutally killed in Mexico laid to rest

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Hundreds turned out yesterday for the funeral of two men, Benjamin LeBaron and Luis Widmar. The two men were drug from their homes by armed men and executed in the street earlier this week.

The brutal killings were acts of retaliation against the community by lawless thugs after the town stood up and protested the kidnapping of one of its teenagers.

Mike Watkiss was one of only a handful of American journalists was at the funeral.

"It's like Guandi and Martin Luther King, what this town is doing," Watkiss said. "A very brave act of peaceful resistance against violence and terror.

Mike Watkiss will have more on this story coming up tonight on Good Evening Arizona.