Boy has to return pawn shop guitar after police come knocking

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PHOENIX -- A Valley dad thought he was doing the right thing when he bought an electric guitar for his son until the cops showed up on his doorstep.

Depending on your budget, an electric guitar can be pretty expensive. So like any savvy consumer, Ken Tippen shopped around for the best deal and found himself at a Valley pawn shop.

It was at that pawn shop that Tippen says he actually found a pretty good deal until he discovered the guitar was "hot."

Eleven-year-old Tyler Tippen loves music, especially the guitar.

"I'm just always listening to music and that's one reason I wanted a guitar," he said.

So recently Tyler's dad decided it was time to upgrade him from a video game guitar to a real one.

"He showed that he had an interest in it and I wanted to help build on his dreams and give him something more than just video games," Tippen said.

Tippen went to a pawn shop called Super Pawn in Glendale and found a guitar and amplifier for just $100 and took it home to his son.

"When I first saw my guitar I was like, 'Wow! Is that for me?" Tyler said.

But the music quickly faded.

"When I started to get good, I learned I had to give it back!" Tyler said.

Apparently, police got wind that Super Pawn inadvertently sold Tippen a stolen guitar and the cops wanted to return it, leaving Tippen and his son with an amp, but no guitar to plug it into.

"It was like my thing," Tyler said. "I really loved it and when I had to give it back it was really hard."

Out a guitar and out his $100, Tippen wrote to 3 On Your Side and we got in touch with Super Pawn.

In a written statement they say, "The guitar and amplifier in question was stored in our back room for 120 days before it was placed on the retail floor for purchase."

They go on to say, "We value our customers and appreciate their business. Therefore, we are willing to give the customer a full refund."

That's great news for Tippen, who says he owes it all to 3 On Your Side and plans on putting the money toward a new guitar for his son.

Super Pawn is really not to blame here. They didn't know the guitar had been stolen. Regardless, they ponied up the money and returned it back to Tippen and his son.

And the really good news is that he has purchased another guitar.