Funny money reportedly popping up all over Valley

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PHOENIX -- The Phoenix office of the Secret Service is investigating several counterfeit cases here in the Valley.

Rash of fake $50, $100 bills

One of those cases stems from an arrest made Wednesday in Maricopa, where a Walgreens' clerk caught a man trying to pay for his purchases with a phone $50 bill.

According to Sgt. Stephen Judd the bill looked real at first glance.

"It has Grant's portrait in the middle. It has the indicators of 50 in different kinds of places," Judd explained. "But if we look closer at some of the security features of the bill, if you hold it up to the light on the right side ... there's going to be an embedded plastic strip that has words on it. That is a demonination indicator."

Judd said it was that denomination indicator that tipped off the clerk.

The Secret Service reportedly is investigating a rash of phony $50 and $100 bills being passed in the Phoenix area.