Canvas totes for shopping to save our Earth

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-Canvas Drop Cloth (lined if possible) (Approx. $5 for a 5x5 lined is enough for 4 totes)

See how it's done

-Glue gun and slow setting glue sticks


-Grommet kit


-Tape measure


-Cut 5x5 drop cloth into 4 sections. (3 total pieces of fabric are all it takes for each tote)

-Cut the main tote piece to 30" x 24"

-Cut off all of the finished end seams.

-Cut 2 pieces to 5" x 15" for the sides of the tote. (From each of the 4 sections you will have enough for one main piece and 2 sides)

-Fold over both ends of the main piece (which will be the top of the tote) approx. 1"

-Fold over one end of each side piece approx. 1" (which will also be the top)

-Run a bead of hot glue under each fold to secure.

-Turn the main piece sideways(so it is 30" across)

-Place the side piece back to back in the center of the main piece.

-Line up the bottom edge of the side with the side of the main piece.

-Attach the first side piece, to the center of the main piece.

-Repeat and add the second side.

-Attach each side of the main tote to each coordinating side, sew or hot glue.

-Place 2 grommets on each side of the main piece of the tote for the handles.

-Cut 2, 30" pieces of sisal rope feed each end through a grommet and tie a knot.

-This will create 2 handles for the tote.

-Add 2 more grommets in the center for a closure or hot glue magnets under the hem.

-Decorate if desired.

-Take this new tote or many of them to go grocery shopping or any shopping.

-These totes will prevent you from using non recyclable plastic bags, therefor helping to save our earth!!!

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