Company offers doctor visits while you grocery shop

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Medical check-ups while you grocery shop

A local company is taking one-stop shopping to the next level by giving you the option of a checkup as you stock up on groceries.

You've seen them before, the wave of the future -- small medical clinics tucked in between the produce aisle and dry goods.

A local company called MediMin is trying to put that concept into play throughout Arizona.

MediMin has four locations: one in Tucson, others in the Food City at 90th Avenue and Thomas Road, in the Bashas' at 83rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road, and at Scottsdale Road and Grayhawk. They plan to expand soon.

Sandy McIver is in today with what he says feels like a bad cold.

"Anytime you go to a doctor's office you have to wait, set appointments up, they have to fill you in, whereas here it's convenient, you walk in, you're seen, you're taken care of," he said.

Medical Director Dr. Josh Holland says MediMin provides a quick solution for the small problems in life.

"You may have a respiratory infection, kid may come home with pink eye, urinary tract infection, we're a good alternative to calling your doctor and trying to get in the next two or three days, or going and waiting five hours in the emergency room, having a bill for hundreds of dollars," Holland said. "Don't think its strange at all, that's the nature of shopping now, you've got a captive audience so appeal to the mass."

The cost of an average visit ranges from $50 to $60 and the clinics accept most insurance coverage so for many it's just $20 or $30 and you'll likely spend more time here being seen by a P.A. like Jerry Pappin than by your primary practitioner.

"I'm able to spend as much time with them as they need," Pappin said. "I'm not seeing 30 people, 35, 40 people a day, which I used to do in primary care settings where I had 10 minutes to see them."

Holland and his employees say all of those little bonuses add up to a regular stream of customers through their doors, especially during flu season.

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