Crooks targeting animal-lovers in 'dog show' phone scam

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Crooks target animal-lovers in Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF - Crooks in Flagstaff are calling around to residents asking for money to help homeless puppies and kittens.

Nevertheless authorities say it is all a lie and animals and their rescuers are suffering because of it.

Someone is calling folks in Flagstaff asking them to buy tickets to a dog show to benefit Second Chance Animal Shelter. Melissa Leair, the marketing manager for Second Chance, explains, "They say its money going to be used by those folks for the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats." But it's a doggone dirty scam to get your money. Leair clarifies, "We are not putting on a dog show and we are not asking for anybody's credit card number."

Jerry Blair, community programs planner at the Coconino County Sheriff's Office adds, "Basically they'll say, well we'll go down to Second Chance and write a check...they're saying no...give us your credit card number, your checking account number and we'll take care of it over the phone."

Deputies from the Coconino County Sheriff's Office say if anyone calls you asking for money it should always signal a red flag. " You're basically giving some very vital personal information about you to a stranger," Blair says. "You have no idea what their intent is and more often than not they're intent is to steal from you."< /p>

Second Chance Animal Shelter is, however, sponsoring a magic show in March but no one will ask you for your credit card number over the phone.

Leair explains, "Actually what will happen is they'll be asked if they'll be interested in the tickets then they'll receive the tickets with an invoice and an envelope that they can send the money back in then."

If you have received a phone call asking for a donation for the dog show please contact the Coconino County Sheriff's Office.