Innocent man killed during gun battle on Phx street

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Victim's family talks to 3TV

PHOENIX - The distraught family of an innocent man killed during a gun battle Tuesday is sharing his story.

A gang fight broke out in south Phoenix yesterday, and a stray bullet hit and killed Gilbert Leon.

His family is now begging for the suspect to turn himself in.

"Look what they took away from us," says the victim's sister, Christina Leon, as she gazes at a picture of her brother.

Gilbert Leon's adoring family describes a devastating conversation with police.

"What happened? What's going on? How? Accident?" recounted Leon.

"He said no--a bunch of gang bangers shooting at each other."< /p>

A stray bullet hit Leon as he drove home from lunch with his nephew.

"I never thought we'd have to go through something like this," says Leon, "So senseless."

For years, Gilbert Leon climbed and repaired the towers on South Mountain.

He also spent time in the military and with the Central Arizona Project, working hard and saving for retirement.

The 54-year-old had just begun enjoying his retirement when the tragedy struck.

"Disbelief," says Christina, "Not believable; just disbelief right now."

Leon's sisters say he loved biker bars, but didn't drink.

He loved their children, but had none of his own.

Now his family is left flipping through the photo album, wondering, "Why? Why?" says Leon.

"Why my brother? You know?"

Another victim from that gun fight is in the hospital, but should be ok.

The suspects are still on the loose.