2 Dead in chopper crash near Black Canyon City

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Two dead in chopper crash near Black Canyon City

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BLACK CANYON CITY - Two people are dead after the experimental helicopter they were riding in crashed just north of the Valley.

The small helicopter crashed near Black Canyon City and the two people inside had just had lunch at a popular restaurant.

Barbara tells 3TV, "They came out here once or twice a month." They went on Friday for lunch and pie but, Barbara recalls, "When they took off it sounded like they almost hit the top of the building then they had the crash."

It is unclear what caused the crash but the reality of it is really just starting to sink in at the Rock Springs Caf.

Andi says, "When we heard it, it was kind of ugh and then just knowing they were just here within five minutes and then wrecked a couple minutes laterthis hits close to home."

The management at the caf describe the two on board as extremely friendly people and easygoing.

They took off on Friday at around 1:30 p.m. Lisa reveals, "I was standing right here and saw the helicopter go right at an angle it looked like it was flying close like it was going to hit that tree. I heard a grinding soundI saw the smoke.

Jim Ruhl lives nearby and tells 3TV, "I just heard a real loud helicopter coming in real low it shook house." He says he knew something was wrong and headed over to see what happened.

Sure enough, the experimental helicopter, built from a kit, made by the Safari Company similar had crashed into some rough terrain just west of Interstate-17.

Many on the interstate saw what happened and pulled over to help but the chopper was engulfed in flames and both people onboard were dead. Jeanie, one witness, says, "I just sent out some loving energy and said a little prayer."

It is what people are still doing. One person admits, "It is... It's very upsetting. It's a very depressing thing."

The names of those two killed in the crash have not yet been released and the cause remains under investigation. Now the Federal Aviation Administration and NTSB will be looking into the cause of the deadly crash.