Is spanking a good form of discipline for your child?

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Study on long-term effects of spanking

PHOENIX - Is spanking your children acceptable or not?

A new study from Phoenix Childrens Hospital is looking at the lasting effects of physical punishment.

It is a touchy subject and uncomfortable for many parents and caregivers to talk about. 3TV asked some parents if spanking their child was ever a good form of discipline.

One woman admits, "I think sometimes a child needs to get spanked."

According to a recent study done at the University of Michigan, spanking and other forms of physical discipline increase bad behavior and aggression later in life.

The report has received numerous endorsements from medical organizations including Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Eric Benjamin, a child psychiatrist, explains, " Physically-punished individuals have a higher incidence of aggression. They use physical punishment on their children, more physical spousal relationships, higher rate of mental illness, particularly depression."

One woman tells 3TV, "We were spanked when we were growing up and I don't see any of my brothers or siblings are aggressive in any way, shape or form."

In fact, most people 3TV spoke with do not consider spanking abuse.

George Montiel says, "You know what? When you grow up to be an adult and you become anti-social and don't know how to get along in society, society itself will spank you and send you to jail and prison."

So what is the best way to discipline a child? Dr. Benjamin says it goes back to the basics. "Positive reinforcement, structure, consistencyone thing is you do have to have a lot patience when you're trying to bring a child up."

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