Out-of-town hiker plucked off Camelback Mountain

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PHOENIX -- Rescuers plucked an out-of-town hiker off the side of Camelback Mountain Monday night.

Hiker not hurt

It was the first time Mario Diaz of Atlanta had been on Camelback Mountain. He started up at about 6 p.m.

Diaz was following a group of people but got lost. Once it got dark, he was not able to find his way out of Echo Canyon. That's when Diaz decided it was time to call for help.

"I apologize about the inconvenience to the city, but I appreciate the rescue," Diaz said. "I just got lost, couldn't get back, kept going up and down. Finally I decided to call 911, and they came and rescued [me]."

Diaz called 911 at about 9 p.m. Rescue crews had him off the mountain about two hours later.