Bizarre shooting in upscale Gilbert neighborhood

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1 man dead, another in hospital after shooting

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GILBERT -A fatal shooting took place in an upscale neighborhood in Gilbert.

Police tell 3TV that the 37-year-old who was found dead inside a home near Higley and Guadalupe was a man named Charles W. Goff. Officers say he got into a shootout with the 42-year-old homeowner.

Police also say the homeowner was also shot and the two gentlemen knew each other. No more details on the relationship have been released.

It was a dramatic scene for those who saw their neighbor running down the street with zip ties on his wrist, a gun in his hand and blood gushing from his leg. Bloody footprints could still be seen on the ground where the 42-year-old man supposedly ran from house to house looking for help. He finally found help in the garage of a home more than a block away from his house, where the deadly shooting took place.

When police arrived at the scene, they found a 37-year-old man dead inside the home. He had been shot multiple times. Police say they are not looking for any suspects because this was a shootout between the two men.

According to the neighbors of the sole survivor, the 37-year-old allegedly broke into the house and supposedly tied the 42-year-old homeowner up. At some point, the homeowner was able to break free and that is when the gun battle took place.

3TV has learned that the homeowner is a well-respected dentist in the community and that the 37-year-old was the ex-husband of the dentist's current girlfriend.