Lingerie store smash and grab suspects take next to nothing

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Thieves took next to nothing

TEMPE - Criminals create thousands of dollars of damage at an East Valley business but end up stealing next to nothing.

Wednesday's smash and grab has the business owner furious and also pretty confused.

"Well I just feel angry. I mean honestly it just seems so pointless," admits owner Debbie Ahearn. She is still trying to process what happened Wednesday morning at her lingerie superstore near Rural and Baseline.

Ahearn explains, "The alarm company called me about 6:15 this morning."

Police say someone used a car to smash through the entrance. They destroyed her door but then did not do much else. She says, "They just grabbed a couple pieces of lingerie that happened to be hanging in the front so it made me think you know I don't think they were after the merchandise, I don't think they were after money they didn't take any money."

Ahearn thinks the suspects just felt like doing some damage and they pulled that off quite well.

Tempe Police say this crime shows similarities to another smash and grab caught on surveillance cameras two weeks ago on November 27. Thieves drove a car through the doors of a nearby gun shop and only stole a couple of guns.

The culprits may not have taken much in either case but the damage done is still significant.

Ahearn says, "Honestly I don't think they were after lingerie, they grabbed some, but the real damage is thousands of dollars for the roller shutter, thousands of dollars for the door."

Although a security camera is installed at the entrance it was not set to record, something Ahearn says will change immediately. "They did come in and take fingerprints, so hopefully we'll catch these guys," she admits.

Ahearn is keeping the store open for business Wednesday and in the days to come. If you have any information on either of the smash and grabs, you are asked to call Tempe Police.