Police arrest 4 coyotes at Phoenix drop house

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PHOENIX - Phoenix police bust a drop house near Van Buren St. and 31st Avenue after they received a tip early Monday morning.

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Officers conducted survelillance on the home and stopped a vehicle leaving the house where they found drugs and a list of undocumented immigrants.

Police entered the home and found 13 undocumented immigrants in the house.

Four coyotes were taken into police custody.

IIMPACT was called to the drop house along with Phoenix police and the Department of Public Safety to process the illegals.

Of the 13 illegals there was on toddler and two juveniles and a total of six men and seven women.

"This is another example of how Phoenix Police and IIMPACT Detectives may have saved the lives of victims which included small children.These people are in this country illegally but don't deserve to be extorted for money and assaulted by criminal smuggling rings," said Roger Vanderpool, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety

Phoenix police also found weapons in the house.