Post office refuses to deliver woman's mail to her home

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PHOENIX -- Getting your mail delivered is something you might take for granted, but the post office is refusing to deliver mail to a Phoenix woman's home.

The post office has stopped delivering mail to a Phoenix woman permanently because the letter carrier doesn't like the woman's dog.

And even though that dog is no longer around, the woman still can't get her mail delivered.

Gail Chesney hasn't had her mail delivered by the post office in about a year. That's when she received a letter indicating her delivery was permanently discontinued all because of her dog named Buster.

"Buster would charge the gate and bark and that was his job," Chesney said.

Chesney bought Buster for security reasons, but her letter carrier apparently felt threatened when Buster was ever off his leash.

"She saw him, grabbed her pepper spray, sprayed him in the face," Chesney said. "I asked, 'What did you just spray in my dog's face?' and she said, 'Pepper spray."

So, Chesney's mail delivery was permanently discontinued. And even though Buster has passed away, Chesney can't get her mail delivery up and running again because she now has two more dogs -- dogs that she says are well-behaved and never, ever on the loose.

"They are not a threat," she said. "They never come beyond the fence without a leash -- never."

But the post office claims that's not true.

"In this particular instance, the letter carrier serving that route has seen other dogs loose on that property," said post office spokesman Peter Hass.

The post office admits there is no proof the dogs they've seen are actually Chesney's dogs but still reserve the right to permanently ban her from mail service.

The reason, they say, is that 34 Phoenix letter carriers were attacked and injured by dogs last year and they don't want to take any chances.

"One injury is too many," Hass said. "We don't want anyone injured simply delivering mail."

But Chesney says it's unfair. Even though Buster is no longer around, she remains basically blackballed because of her two other dogs -- dogs she says are good-natured and loving.

So, Chesney will have to continue to pay for a P.O box and drive to get her mail.

In the meantime, if you have a dog, you too can become banned by the post office.