School dean stole eldery neighbor's life savings, police say

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Suspect worked for district for over 20 years

PHOENIX - A Valley school dean is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The woman allegedly made out with the victim's life savings. Peggy Moore, 67, is accused of stealing from her 80-year-old neighbor.

Police explain, "After the death of her husband was in need of someone to help her pay her bills, drive her to doctor appointments, help her with her daily living needs."

Police say Moore became that person, but to students at Metro Tech High School in Phoenix, Moore was their dean of students.

Ivan Aguilar, tells 3TV, "It's reallyI don't know, like ironic, that the dean of students is the one that punished students for doing things that are bad would do something like that."

What police say she did was become the victim's power of attorney and putting her name on bank accounts, removing large sums of money and even taking the victim's home.

Police say "She relieved the victim of a substantial income that she had to live on for the remainder of her days." Police also tell 3TV she bought luxury cars at, least three, including a Mercedes.

Students like Viviana Chavez say they took notice. "I guess they were not really that shocked because you could tell she was dressing nicer. She would wear like the suits that you could tell the difference of the suits of how much they cost and she would wear sunglasses that were like Chanel or something like that."

Police say she has now changed to jail suits and her students say that suits them fine. One admits, "She's the one that sets the discipline for everybody, she should be setting the example."

Chavez adds, "I think that's a really bad example because how is she going to be disciplining people when she's out there doing the bad stuff."

Bank employees alerted police to the unusual activity on the elderly victim's bank account. School employees say Moore had worked for the district for more than 20 years.