Arizona making bid for Super Bowl in 2013

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GLENDALE - Super Bowl XLII brought in millions of dollars to the Valley. And some are wondering when the Super Bowl will return. The host committee is hoping soon.

Members present a bid tomorrow in Florida.

Super Bowl XLII brought in a whopping $500 million into the Greater Phoenix area and tomorrow afternoon, members from our area will be in Fort Lauderdale placing yet another bid to bring the event back here in four years.

A very big decision will be made tomorrow, regarding who gets to host the Super Bowl in 2013.

"We're ready, we've put together, by working closely with cities and tourism industry, a pretty competitive bid," Michael Bidwill said.

One that showcases all that the Greater Phoenix area has to offer.

We have the most premiere stadium in the National Football League.

Our weather is outstanding and we have great resorts and other attractions for Super Bowl fans to participate in. These are all big selling points.

But the big question, according to the Arizona Cardinals President our competition is Miami and New Orleans.

"First time New Orleans put in a bid since Hurricane Katrina hit the city, so there's obviously a little bit of emotion behind New Orleans bid," Michael Bidwill said.

The Super Bowl brought in half a billion dollars to the economy funneling into restaurants, bars, taxi, and services.

The Scottsdale nightlife saw a huge boost, but Glendale essentially lost money on the "Big Game".

"There weren't that many facilities, to generate tax revenue from," Bob Sullivan said. "Definitely Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa were able to garner more of the line share."

However if we were to secure the bid for Super Bowl 2013, President Bob Sullivan said Glendale and Peoria would stand to gain.

"By the time Super Bowl 2013 rolls around, more shops, restaurants and hotels are going to obviously benefit greater, from Super Bowl XLII, when they only had a few amenities out there."

Sullivan also added Arizona is prime for Super Bowl. We've hosted two Super Bowls, last year and one in 1996 and every time the NFL has come out they leave the area, very impressed, so it's not a matter of if the Super Bowl returns, but when.