Moving truck with family's belongings is MIA

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PHOENIX -- Cross-country moves are not very rare these days. However, waiting three months for your stuff to arrive is unusual.

A Valley woman and her daughter have no idea where their stuff is right now. As a result, they had to buy new clothes.

Their furniture is also missing. In fact, for the past three months, they have been sleeping on air mattresses because their beds are MIA.

"We moved here just to make a better life for ourselves," Dawn Riggie said.

That better life was supposed to happen when Riggie and her daughter moved all the way to Phoenix from Virginia.

Part of the process included hiring a moving company by the name of Authorized Movers. For $1,500, Authorized Movers would transport all of their belongings.

"They picked the stuff up and told me it would be nine to 11 business days," Riggie said.

But, those nine to 11 days came and went and now a full three months later, Riggie and her daughter still haven't received their stuff all because the moving truck is missing.

"They have all my clothes, computer, bed, all of my daughter's things," Riggie said. "All I came with was what fit in the back of my Civic."

More frustrating than not having her things, Riggie says, is not having any answers from Authorized Movers.

"First, they say it was in a storage in New Jersey. That the driver got deported," Riggie said. "Everyone I talk to gives me a different story."

Riggie says after hearing many different excuses, she decided to contact 3 On Your Side.

"I didn't know what else to do. I was at the end of my rope," she said.

3 On Your Side made numerous attempts to contact Authorized Movers and we got the same runaround Riggie got.

We were finally referred to their claims department, a company called Anthem Claim Management.

They said they would look into what happened to Riggie's belongings and agreed that three months is unacceptable.

After a brief investigation, they finally found her stuff in storage out of state. As a result, it was packed onto a moving truck and it's expected to arrive any day.

For Riggie and her daughter, their belongings can't get here soon enough.

The claims department says they will return all of Riggie's money, but they wouldn't put anything in writing indicating that so we'll see if that happens.

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